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100Looks Studio and Academy offers professional-level threading services for upper lips, head, chin (thread), side locks, eyebrows, and full-face threading. We utilize the absolute best items so your skin experiences dull in no manner. Post threading, the region all over, similar to the upper lip or the eyebrow region, we apply a cold compress with a cold cream face massage to loosen up your skin. We utilize clean and cured cotton balls that have hostile to bacterial properties to keep you really far away from any contaminations.

Our threading expert at 100Looks Studio and Academy Noida can likewise give another shape to your eyebrows to provide your lovely eyes with somewhat of an extraordinary edge. Our professional staff of experts ensures that you feel the base measure of uneasiness during the threading experience.

Rather than waxing, tweezing, or lasers, threading is viewed as one of the most secure and exact strategies for hair removal, particularly in the sensitive regions encompassing the eye. The strategy is likewise 100% natural which implies there are no counterfeit waxes, synthetics, or obtrusive methods utilized during the threading technique.

Likewise, threading is viewed as the best option in contrast to waxing and tweezing, and it is extremely delicate on your skin. However, those with delicate skin might encounter a little redness after a treatment that shouldn’t keep going long. Assuming you experience distress, it is fitting to apply a cold compress over the treated region followed by toner or cooling gel that contains aloe Vera or witch hazel.

Threading Services Sector 62 Noida

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Threading Services Noida

What Is the Most Common Way of Threading Services in Our Beauty Parlor?

The process is finished by a threading specialist who laces two long bits of 100 percent cotton string held in the mouth toward one side, while the opposite end is quickly turned over and around undesirable hairs to neatly and immediately eliminate them from the follicle root.

No hot wax or unforgiving synthetic solutions are utilized during the threading services, which makes it ideal for clients with touchy skin. Clients are urged to not allow hairs to get excessively lengthy between meetings to diminish torment during removal. Mostly the results can endure up to 3 months.

Threading is an old type of hair removal that utilizes a cotton mix string to eliminate hair from the follicle. The piece of string is folded over a follicle of hair and afterward bent until the hair is pulled on a mission to eliminate the hair. As far as forehead threading explicitly, this strategy permits the threading experts to best control the string to accomplish exact forming results.

With regards to shaping eyebrows, threading is the most exact type of hair removal, the best strategy for shaping eyebrows, is delicate and ideal for delicate skin, and eliminates hair from the follicle for enduring outcomes. During threading services, clients are normally in a leaning back seat and requested to hold the skin rigid with their fingertips from the highest point of the eyebrows upwards and from their eyelids downwards. This makes the region more available for threading experts to shape the eyebrows.

What are the Advantages of Threading Treatments?

Impeccably Shapes Your Eyebrow

Threading services offer astonishing accuracy and shapes for your eyebrows. In contrast to waxing or plucking, threading makes the ideal shape to make your eyebrows look new and new. The threading services dispose of the hair strand by strand to make an even and organized search for your eyebrows. This is something that waxing and plucking would never accomplish. Have a go at getting your eyebrows and see the distinction it makes while forming your eyebrows.

Peels and Relieves the Skin

Prepare for smoother and cleaner skin! Full-face threading services explicitly target hair follicles that grow profoundly inside the skin, as the cotton string floats along the outer layer of the skin to eliminate hair and any dead skin cells. The cotton string turns the hair out of the root, keeping in mind that doing as such, sheds the layer of skin to uncover delicate and gleaming skin. Peeling supports accelerating your skin’s process to permit it to act more youthful and become restored. The string sheds neutralize the top layers of the skin to improve dulling surface cells and uncover pristine smooth skin.

Normal Natural and Will not Irritate the Skin

In contrast to waxing or plucking, threading services work accurately without disturbing or stripping off the skin. Waxing will in general eliminate a full layer of skin, which can hurt delicate skin and may make rashes happen. Eyebrow threading targets just the hair and dead skin cells without eliminating any superfluous layers of the skin. Your skin won’t lift or consume as threading includes no hazardous synthetics, however essentially just a string to take into consideration improved results. Assuming the skin responds in any capacity, you can essentially apply witch hazel or aloe vera to relieve the skin and address any redness that will disappear in only a couple of moments.

Fast and Simple Process

You can get threading services in a hair and makeup salon in just 15 minutes. The process is fast and straightforward and doesn’t need a lot of prep to do as such. The fast interaction likewise endures any slight aggravation or inconvenience that threading might cause, permitting the process to end sooner. As this is the gentlest type of hair removal, the aggravation will in general be exceptionally negligible frequently portrayed as tweezing a couple of hairs on the double, and the aggravation will turn out to be fundamentally more decent the more frequently you get strung.

Longer Enduring Outcomes

Contingent upon the thickness of your hair, results might go on for around 5-6 weeks all at once. Threading services eliminate the hair directly from the root, making it harder to recover quicker. The more frequently you string your hair, the more it will take for the hair to bounce back in. This implies that you just have to come in like clockwork to get your eyebrows corrected. This not exclusively will save you a ton of time but will likewise make the process speedier and simpler as you won’t need to stress over your eyebrows at any point in the future.

Among the few other hair removal strategies out there, threading will stay the better strategy for eyebrows due to its straightforward, delicate, and fast nature. It incorporates no risky or brutal synthetic compounds, attempts to restore the skin, and works quicker and better to give the best outcomes expected to eliminate hair on the skin. The aggravation will, in general, be negligible relying upon your own resilience, notwithstanding, it just takes around 1-2 appointments to become acclimated to threading and when you do, you won’t ever need to return to waxing or plucking once more!

What are the Aftercare Tips for Threading?

Those with additional delicate or rosacea-inclined skin ought to follow the tips beneath to stay away from irritation, skin disturbance, or breakouts which are exceptionally uncommon after a full face threading :

Activities to stay away from:

The hairs from the face are taken out from the follicle, leaving the pores on the skin open for something like 2 to 3 hours.

Try not to contact the treated region for 2-4 hours.
No cosmetics or perfumed items ought to be applied for 2-4 hours.
Stay away from steam treatment or intensity sources like sunbathing/tanning beds, hot showers, or saunas for no less than 24 hours.
Abstain from swimming or shower tanning 24-48 hours post threading.

General Consideration:

Tenderly wash the treated region with an enemy of bacterial face wash.
Pick a toner with witch hazel, whose catechol tannins assist with lessening the size of pores and pushing out the soil. Or on the other hand pick a toner with salicylic corrosive, which not just separates the oil in the stopped-up hair follicle but helps kill the microorganisms.
You might utilize other accommodating fixings, for example, Neosporin cream, and tea tree oil, or against inflammatories, for example, chamomile, aloe vera, and allantoin.

What to do in the event that you experience a breakout:

Apply hydrocortisone cream to assist with easing expansion and tingling.
Shun crushing the pimples. This can prompt contamination or spread the microorganisms to different regions of your face.
Visit a dermatologist on the off chance that the pimples move greater or don’t disappear. You might require an original potency anti-toxin or skin cream.

Threading Services We Offer at 100Looks Studio and Academy:

We offer a wide range of administrations for threading, permitting you to eliminate any undesirable beard growth. Whether you simply need your eyebrows reshaped or require full face threading, our threading experts can assist you with getting the look you need! Our threading services at Sector 62, Noida include:

  • CHIN (WAX)


Threading permits you to seek the treatment done and continue with your day as if nothing had occurred. Waxing can make your skin red and bothered, in any event, causing breakouts for certain individuals. Be that as it may, with threading, there is a compelling reason need to stress over these delayed consequences.

Our Makeup experts are knowledgeable about threading and can give you the look you always desire! Book an appointment today and free yourself of those undesirable beards!

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