Best Hair Colour Services Sector - 62, Noida

Get the Best Hair Colour Styles from Professionals..!

A definitive method of self-expression, an expert hair colouring service gives you complete command over your hair colour, supporting your fearlessness by genuinely mirroring your character. Whether you’re searching for an unpretentious balayage without dye or a lively, full head of platinum blonde features, here you can find a hair colour service that is ideal for you.

We offer a full scope of hair colour services from a full head of hair colour directly through to balayage, ombre and features. Our hair colour service is all completed by a group of expert beauticians, who stay up with the latest with the extremely most recent preparation and utilize the business’ best shading items and strategies consistently.

We comprehend how troublesome it tends to be to pick the hair colour strategy that is appropriate for you. Knowing the distinction between a balayage and an ombre, or features and lowlights, is vital to picking the help that is ideal for you. Fortunately, at 100Looks Studio and Academy, our hair colour specialists are here to help and by booking your free discussion, your beautician will actually want to make sense of things like where your balayage ought to begin, where to put features or whether you will suit an all-over blanch blonde.

We’re likewise extremely glad to have expert hair colour Specialists at chosen 100Looks Studio and Academy. As the name recommends, these specialists are probably the top experts in the field, and their extensions of hair colour services are unmatched.

Before you read the portrayals of our exemplary hair colour services, it very well may be really smart to find out about these normally utilized hair colour terms.

Best Hair Colour Services Sector - 62, Noida
Hair Colour Services Sector 62 Noida

Find the Full Scope of Hair Colour Services Accessible at 100looks Studio and Academy

In the event that you’re hoping to offer a striking expression, the platinum blonde shade makes certain to knock some people’s socks off with its spotless, bleach-blonde completion.

Features are an extraordinary approach to lighting up your hair and lifting your regular base to make daintiness and differentiation.

A full head of hair colour is where one tone is applied all around the head from roots to tips utilizing an extremely durable or semi-long-lasting tone.

Hair Colour and Features
Lift your regular base to make a wonderful daintiness and differentiation. Features matched with worldwide hair colour in the middle between impeccable breaker and mix the varieties.

A well-known freehand method is painted on the outer layer of the hair to make a consistent, multi-apparent mix that perfectly approaches the face.

Hair Colour, Shading and Streaks Sector 62 Noida

Get the best worldwide hair colour, hair colour of features, and root finish-up services from affirmed experts at our salon in Noida Area – 62. We make you flawless by utilizing the best hair colour brands for your hair shading needs. Be it in burgundy, assortments of brown, cinnamon and chestnut tones or old-fashioned blacks. We offer you a remarkable blend of cleanser, conditioner and hair colour or a straightforward hair streaking to draw out the snappy diva in you.

The assortment at our best hair salon can supplement any skin type and hair colour. We just utilize marked and guaranteed items. Our scope of hair colours endures a long. The infrequent hair colour of features and hairstreaks are likewise used to supplement the shades of your clothing and carry an entirely different aspect to your character. Our hair colours are rigorously smelling salts free, and we can flaunt providing you with a decision of up-and-coming hair colours that you will very much want to test!

Why Pick 100Looks Studio and Academy for Your Hair Shading Dreams?

Notwithstanding our scope of hair shading services, we likewise value our client assistance.
At 100Looks Studio and Academy, we realize that your hair shading experience ought to be fun, unwinding, and charming. We use Wella, a notable and one of the top names in the styling business for hair colour across the entirety of our salons.

Exceptionally Gifted Staff with A lot of Involvement with Hair Shading
We are focused on making an inviting, cordial and expert salon climate where you can unwind and partake as far as you can tell.

Our hair shading group is profoundly talented and has a lot of involvement with an assortment of hair shading methods.
Obligation to Arrangements and Our Client First Methodology
We’re focused on our clients – we won’t leave you hanging. We will convey the hair shading service you merit.

We comprehend that your hair shading experience is an enormous responsibility. We likewise comprehend that you need help that is very much arranged, top-notch and very much estimated.
With us, you’ll have the affirmation that you’re safe and sound.


There is a great deal that goes into an expert hair shading service. All things considered, have questions? Here are a few responses to the most often posed inquiries we get:

Would it be advisable for me to Have Features or Full Tone?

This will rely intensely upon what sort of look you need to accomplish. While both can totally modify your ongoing look, features are a more inconspicuous change, while a full hair colour will give you a more uncommon change.

Would it be advisable for me to Get Half or Full Head Features?

This relies upon the change you are hoping to make. A full-head feature will give you more aspects than a half-head feature. In the event that you’re searching for a more unobtrusive change, a half-head feature is better.

Might I at any point hair colour My Hair When I’m Pregnant, Attempting to Consider, Or Nursing?

Because of the number of synthetics that go into shading services, we recommend that ladies continue mindfully. Little dosages of these synthetics have not been demonstrated to be unsafe for pregnant/nursing ladies. We, notwithstanding, suggest that you counsel your medical services group.

Do Features Blur Back to Normal Tone?

No – since featuring hair eases up it, it is basically impossible for it to blur back to its regular tone.

Cause Features Harm Hair?

Features can cause some harm through the lighting system.

Do Features Cover Silver Hair?

Features are not planned to cover silver hair. All things considered, featuring is utilized to mix silver hair – giving the individual a more regular, young look.

What Is hair colour Mixing for Silver Hair?

Hair colour mixing is a method that assists with concealing greys by one or the other featuring or shading the encompassing hair to give you a more regular look.

What’s The Distinction Between Full Head Tone and Full Head Foils?

A full head tone is exactly what it seems like – full use of hair colour. Full head foils use features or lowlights all through the hair, assisting with adding aspect to your ongoing hair colour.

Will Full Head Foils Make Me Blonde?

No – full head foils are expected to add an aspect, not hair colour your whole head. To accomplish a full head of blonde, you’ll require full hair shading.

Do I Need to Wash My Hair Prior to Coming to The Salon?

No – We wash hair for each assistance that we give.

Do You Have Parking spaces Accessible at Your Salon?

Indeed! There are a lot of parking space around to park any motor vehicle.

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In the event that you’re searching for a dazzling hair change of your own, reach us today to study our accessible hair colour services here at 100Looks Studio and Academy Noida Sector – 62.

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