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There are sure many events when you need to look your very best. Whether it’s your birthday or anniversary, or you are essential for a wedding party, let 100Looks Studio and Academy party makeup services assist you with looking fantastic!

100Looks Studio and Academy offers the best in party makeup services in Noida. Our party makeup services salon works in bridal make-up, engagement make-up, Haldi make-up, airbrush make-up, cocktail make-up, and groom make-up services, hair, facial and full body massage, for example, facials, waxing, hair tone, hairstyles and styling, keratin, hair fixing, smoothing, pedicure, nail trims, body cleaning, and body polishing services in Noida Sector – 62.

Wedding season is here, still uncertain about picking a Party makeup service in Noida?
Go to our Party makeup services in Noida for a wonderful makeover on your big day. 100Looks Studio got everything covered for you from party makeup bundles to wedding makeup bundles at the most ideal rates to not consume some time in that frame of mind in Noida.

Party makeup Services in Noida Began with a dream to offer quality makeup services in Noida to style-cognizant individuals, 100Looks Studio and Academy is the main brand salon with outlets spread across Noida. We offer a scope of Party makeup services, excellence, and nail care administrations in our Noida salon, notwithstanding different spa treatment meetings. 100Looks Studio is known for our customized approach towards every single client, and for the utilization of word class, top-notch magnificence items.

Party Makeup Services Sec-62 Noida
Party Makeup Services at 100Looks Studio and Academy Noida

What Includes in Party Makeup Services at 100Looks Studio and Academy Noida?

Our party makeup services are performed by our capable makeup specialists. We give proficient and novel party makeup services utilizing great excellence items.

Best Assistance Quality
We give quality party makeup services. Our administration quality is separated from others concerning experienced makeup specialists and top-notch beauty care products. We target offering great and unmatched support.

We give faultless party makeup services to our important clients. Regardless of what your occasion is, we will assist you with getting to your ideal look. We have some expertise in both Indian and western style makeup. Our makeup craftsmen are consistently on target with the continuous Indian and western style makeup patterns. We will work with you to make your own redid look whether it’s regular, glitzy, provocative, or exemplary!

100Looks Studio and Academy is additionally very notable for its different excellence administrations. Alongside party makeup services, we additionally offer types of assistance like eyebrow and facial stringing, body waxing, marriage makeup, and mehndi on all fours.

On-Time Administration
We prefer not to keep our clients sitting tight for us. Our makeup group will be accessible something like 15 minutes before your booked time, whether it is at your home or at the salon.

Different Makeup Styles for Gatherings
Makeup with a Regular Look Showing up for a party doesn’t imply that you should be undeniably shaded and shiny. In the event that you are not a makeup sweetheart and could do without playing with your skin, we can give you characteristic-looking makeup. Normal look makeup at 100Looks Studio and Academy includes the utilization of an establishment to level out your complexion and a tad of earth-conditioned eye shadow. Lastly, the utilization of a regular variety of lip gleam.

Makeup with Proficient Looks
On the off chance that you will go to a conventional office/proficient party, it is ideal to go with an expert look. Proficient look makeup at 100Looks Studio includes the utilization of establishment and concealer as base makeup. We likewise attempt to give your face a characteristic look by utilizing minimal pink blush and some earth-conditioned eye shadow. Then, at that point, we complete your expert party makeup with a light layer of mascara and pink-hued lipstick.

Makeup with a Provocative Look
Provocative looks are fundamental for occasions like night outs, prom evenings, and lone wolf/unhitched female gatherings. Our makeup specialists can give you a provocative look simply by applying some red lipstick, smoky eye shadow, and a lot of mascara.

Makeup with a Sensational Look
Assuming that you are astonished by the makeup utilized in excellent magazines and design shows, we can give you one. In any case, this surprising makeup must be fit for the occasion you will join. For a sensational look, we use makeup like strange eye shadow tones and applications painted on eyebrows and even lip variety treatments that seem to be plastic.

Makeup with Extraordinary Look
We utilize changed makeup styles for your different exceptional events. The occasions might incorporate weddings, gatherings, social projects, and so forth. For occasions, for example, weddings, we attempt to make a look that separates an expert and a hot look. Nonetheless, the way of wedding makeup relies upon the sort of wedding. For instance, somewhat weighty makeup is utilized for Indian weddings contrasted with others. Be that as it may, the decision is consistently yours.

What is the typical cost for Party makeup services in Sector 62, Noida?

The typical cost for Party makeup services in Noida will rely upon the sort of makeup you’re picking – artificially glamorize, HD, or standard. It will likewise rely on the number of cosmetics meetings you need to book the Party makeup services in Noida for. Costs for one meeting of normal/HD marriage cosmetics might begin from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 35000. 100Looks Studio has choices of all reasonableness ranges. Just put in a question and be guaranteed that your 100Looks salon director will get you the best party makeup prices and offers (click here to check our current salon price list) in your financial plan.

Which services are accessible at our party makeup salon in Noida?

By and large, 100Looks Studio Party makeup services in Noida hold mastery in various sorts of bridal make-up, engagement make-up, Haldi make-up, airbrush make-up, cocktail make-up, and groom make-up services, hair administrations, healthy skin, nail care, kneads, body polishing administrations, and so forth.

Are 100Looks Studio Party makeup services in Sector 62, Noida sterile or hygienic?

Practically all 100Looks Studio keep up with cleanliness with steady cleaning and sanitization of their hardware and premises. You can continuously visit the particular salon and check for yourself first.

When should I book an appointment with 100Looks Studio and Academy in Noida?

While more often than not our salon in Noida will acknowledge stroll-in clients, booking an earlier arrangement essentially a day in advance is better. It is constantly recommended to book an arrangement ready to come in case of an emergency or through the mail.

What should I keep in mind before booking my Party Makeup Services in Noida?

What does the Party Makeup service in Noida bundle incorporate and bar? Accessibility of dates and times and what number of appointments does your Party Makeup service in Noida have around the same time? Who will be coming to the scene – whether the head or another option and what number of individuals? Explain this ahead of time to keep away from any last-minute shocks! Request a preliminary prior to finishing if necessary For outstation weddings, it is important to affirm how agreeable the cosmetics craftsman is to traveling solo.

Travel and convenience planned operations and clearness on who might bear the charges are required. It is for the most part acknowledged that these are paid for by the lady of the hour. About the cosmetics lights! Talk about who is bringing it. Assuming you need to sort out it, ensure you know where to get supplies from.

What ought not to be done while visiting a beauty salon?

Convey a pack to hold your belongings. Abstain from conveying costly contraptions/gems, wearing a happy dress, and so on, are a few things you ought to remember while visiting a salon.

Visit 100Looks Studio and Academy to encounter our customized and professional Party Makeup Services in Sector – 62 Noida.

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